ON THE AIR with Jaz McKay 08-10-2015 Dr. Jan Mensink M.D.


In his first program back after a break of four months, Dr. Jan Mensink M.D. the senior physician at The Practice in Bakersfield, CA, discusses a variety of medical issues with Jaz McKay, Bakersfield’s leading radio personality. Dr. Mensink discusses the vaccination of children, blood pressure and cholesterol medications and their impact on over-all health, Co-Q10 and cholesterol medications especially statins, and other medical issues.

This episode with Jaz McKay on KNZR is edited down to 35 minutes and is available as a YouTube video, or as an mp3 audio file.

The Practice is a concierge medical office serving Bakersfield, CA. Membership medicine for families. The physicians provide direct payment care, and concierge membership care to individuals and families.

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