What Happens to You Within 90 Minutes When You Drink a Cola


Here are the surprising facts of what happens to you when you drink down a soda or two at lunch, or through the afternoon. You may not like what you are about to learn. Your Family Doctor Jan Mensink MD discussed this topic recently on the Jaz McKay Radio show an episode filled with interesting information for you and your family!

What Really Happens When You Drink a Soda? It's Not What You Think!

Colas and sodas in general are in two groups: Diet and non-Diet. All non-Diet colas are pretty much the same in terms of what you are about to read.

Each 8 ounce can or bottle of cola contains about 10 spoonfuls of sugar.

This high dose of sugar, all at once, causes an increase in insulin levels, which is not good for us. Also, within 20 minutes the sugar begins to be converted to fat cells.

Within 45 minutes the cola drinker will notice the effects of the caffeine between 60mg and 80mg in a common 8 oz cola. Pupils will dilate, blood pressure will go up, and focus will increase.

Within an hour the brain's dopamine reward centers will be activated by both the sugar and the caffeine. The brain likes dopamine, so expect that the next time your brain gets a little low in dopamine levels that it will tell you to go get another soda. And another.

Here is a great TED Ed video on the effects of sugar on the dopamine reward system:

Within 75 minutes some of your body's calcium and magnesium will begin to be flushed out of your body. Sodas have a diuretic effect on our bodies, and in just a few minutes you will flush out more fluids than what you consumed with the soda. Not only will you lose fluids and head toward dehydration, but also the calcium and magnesium. You will also begin to lose Zinc. This will all increase your risk of heart disease, stroke, and kidney stones.

Within 90 minutes, because of the loss of some of your Zinc, your immune system will decrease in function by as much as 25%. Also your Testosterone levels will go down way down, lowering your metabolism and libido.

Is it worth it? Regular soda drinkers tend to gain weight from all of the sugar content. And they also have a 48% increase in the risk of suffering from heart disease or stroke. So please choose what you eat or drink more carefully.

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