A Quick Story About Car Insurance to Help Us Understand Health Care Today


What If…?

Here is a little parable about Health Care, and Health Insurance:

What if your auto insurance company covered everything about your car?

What if you could buy your gas with your auto insurance?  Or tires? 

Doesn’t that seem like that would be great?

But wait a minute and let’s think this through.  If everyone could buy their gas and tires, and needed auto repairs – everything to make your car stay on the road – through your auto insurance company, it wouldn’t take long for there to be some very serious changes.

First, your auto insurance rates would go up – way up – to cover the costs of everyone’s gas, everyone’s tires, everyone’s repair bills.

Gas stations and tire stores would stop showing you how much everything costs because you wouldn’t be the buyer paying for the gas or tires – you would be the consumer and your insurance company would be the buyer.  The insurance company would drive hard bargains with these businesses to provide everything at the lowest possible cost – not at the best value.

You would be paying more, and receiving less.

Quickly you would have to get your auto insurance company’s approval to take your car to a repair shop, and then you would only be able to use mechanics approved by the insurance company.  And if you wanted to take a trip out of town for vacation, you would have to ask your insurance company for permission – and they might say “no” because they are in the business of making money, not in the business of you enjoying yourself.

And to some extent, this is how things have gone in the health care, health insurance markets. 

Health insurance companies are not health care providers.  Doctors are health care providers – this is what they do.  But because health insurance companies have been paying for our health care – yours and mine – for the past sixty years, they have been able to take over health care for you and for me in ways unforeseen just twenty years ago.  The dictate our physician, our treatment, our medications, our hospitalizations – they have come to manage every part of health care in order to lower their costs (because they are paying for most of it) and make a profit.

Health insurance companies are in the insurance business.  Risk.  Costs.  Profits.

Your doctor is in the health care business.

So what is being done to disconnect health insurance companies from health care in America?

This is where “Concierge Medical Offices” and “Direct Primary Care” Physicians are stepping up and making tremendous changes in the field.  These doctors – like the doctors at The Practice in Bakersfield, CA – are working directly with their “members” to provide the highest quality Primary Care at the lowest possible cost.

This is a great value to “members,” and also results in our “members” getting healthier, feeling better and more energetic, and having fewer visits to high priced specialists or hospitals.  Better health at a lower overall cost per year.

Did you know that 78% of the “members” and patients of The Practice lost weight last year – and feel more energetic?  Our physicians not only check thyroid function, hormone levels, and vitamin D3 levels, but offer a 12 week nutrition and eating class for Free!

Did you know that at The Practice our Physicians can provide all of the services of an Urgent Care center (during our normal business hours) at a fraction of the cost of Urgent Care centers for our members? 

Congratulations on making the choice to join The Practice – “quality medical care at affordable prices!”

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