Patient Testimonials

"Dr. Mensink really cares about his patients. He talks to you directly, very factual. He listens and does whatever it takes to figure out the problem and the solution. His new office "The Practice" proves that he is trying to make it a better world. I would recommend him to anyone."


"I would recommend Dr. Mensink and I already have. Every one of my questions was answered thoroughly. The doctor was friendly, and so was his staff."

R - Pastor, Bakersfield, CA

"I love this doctor and his staff. The place has an atmosphere of peace. The staff is compassionate and efficient. I was seen right at my appointment time. And the price is right! Even with my pre-existing issues he was happy to take me on as a patient."


"Dr. Mensink and Dr. Murphy said that if I gave them eleven months, they would change my life. Well, ten months later I have lost 90 lbs., my blood pressure is under control, and I am off the diabetes risk list! Did THE PRACTICE come through for me? You bet it did! The program at THE PRACTICE works! Personal professional counseling included, weekly classes for healthy eating included, and a staff that treats you like family. THE PRACTICE saved my life! If you give these people a chance, they can put your health back on track! Thank you to all my friends at THE PRACTICE."

David F. - School Teacher, Bakersfield, CA

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