New Membership Cards Make Check-In Easy


Now as Members of The Practice you can enjoy an easier and faster check-in process with your new Membership cards. These cards are just like the membership cards that your local health club or gym uses for its members. They make the process of checking in, and making payments for services, so much easier than ever before.

Membership cards at The Practice

This new system is just one of the great innovations that members of The Practice will find at the office. And the next time that you visit the office, be sure to ask about your annual physical examination, and also about the ?urgent care? level of services available to you as a member. You will be pleasantly surprised at all of the services and benefits available to you as a member of The Practice.

Also, please note one change that comes along with the new Membership cards: Our bank has changed the billing dates for your account to just two options, either the 5th of each month, or the 20th of each month. And also, per the bank?s policy, if your credit card does not go through the first time, the bank will only try one more time to process the membership fee. If it still does not go through after a second effort, then you will be charged a $25 credit card declined fee by the bank. Please be aware of this change in bank policy. Thank you.

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Dr. Jan Mensink MD is the senior physician providing quality medical care to patients of all ages.

For members of The Practice there are NO co-payments for any office visit! Just a low monthly fee to save you money. Great for families and businesses! is the website for The Practice in Bakersfield, CA.

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