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Blue Zones: Where in the World People Live the Longest, and What it Means for You

Where in the world do people live to be 100? Why there? What do people who live to be 100 do on a daily basis that allows them such a higher degree of health and longevity? And what does that me to you, and to me?

Author Dan Buettner, sponsored by National Geographic and a team of experts, traveled the world to find the pockets of people around the globe who more than anywhere else live to be 100 years old or more. Surprisingly, one of these pockets was right here in southern California. These identified pockets of longevity were called “Blue Zones” simply because they were circled in blue ink on the wall map that hung in the staffing room.

After spending time investigating each of these zones, the team was able to identify 9 lifestyle characteristics that set these people apart for a longer life. And when others have applied these 9 lifestyle principles to their lives they have seen on average an increase in life-span of 3 years, and a drop in healthcare claims of nearly 50%. These 9 principles are doable, and you and I can begin today.

The average life-span in the USA is at an all time high, about 78 years long. The life expectancy for women is higher at 81 years, and for males it is 76 years. Heart disease and cancer are the two leading causes of deaths, and they account for about half of all deaths even though theirs rates have been falling over the past 20 years. Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, influenza, suicide, and pneumonia, are also among the list of leading causes of death. Yet many of these are avoidable, or treatable with the proper care rendered in time.

Concierge or Membership Medical Offices around the country provide their members with faster access to their doctors and with more face to face time with their doctors, than traditional medical practices. As a result your private doctor can spend more time asking health related questions, running appropriate tests to address issues before they become problems, and keep their patients and members healthier.

For example, at The Practice in Bakersfield, CA, Dr. Jan Mensink, MD reports that over the past 12 months 78% of the members at The Practice lost weight as the results of more face to face time with the physicians at The Practice, and physicians paying attention to optimizing member’s thyroid functioning, hormone levels such as Testosterone, and keeping a focus on member’s health through regular physical examinations, and even offering blood lab panels as a part of their membership fees.

Some great resources are available to you to learn more about the “Power 9” Blue Zone Lessons:

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