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Blue Zones are the 5 areas of the world where there are the highest concentrations of people living to be 100 years old or older. There are 9 health habits that lead to longevity. In this video Dr. Jan Mensink and Jaz McKay discuss the nine health habits that people who live to be 100 practice. This video and audio track are from the Jaz McKay Radio program.

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The 9 health habits are:

  • 1. People who live to be 100 eat a very healthy diet, low in meat (average 4 oz per day), and high in fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • 2. People who live to be 100 are very good at managing the stresses in their lives and practicing forgiveness whenever needed.
  • 3. People who live to be 100 have meaning and purpose in their lives that give them a reason to get up every morning and make that day count. This alone adds an average of 7 years to one’s life.
  • 4. People who live to be 100 “move naturally.” They don’t take short cuts to their exercise. They walk farther, take the stairs when they can, and grab their exercise wherever they can find it in their daily routines.
  • 5. People who live to be 100 have diets rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, and beans.
  • 6. People who live to be 100 never eat until they are full. They eat only until they are 80% full and satisfied, then stop eating. They often use smaller plates to serve smaller portions.
  • 7. People who live to be 100 have limited their alcohol intake to red wine, and just one for women, or up to two glasses per day for men.
  • 8. People who live to be 100 attend some kind of faith based services, such as church, four times a week. It doesn’t matter what faith. Attending these services adds 4-14 years to one’s life.
  • 9. People who live to be 100 have family to invest their lives in, someone to love and care about.

Your family doctors at The Practice want to create “Blue Zones” with their patients – The Practice is a membership medical office in Bakersfield. Learn how to use foods for healing and for health. How to choose your foods, such as breads, vegetables, and more. 98% of those who attend our nutrition classes lose weight and often reduce their medications. Losing weight also reduces blood pressure.

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