Is Concierge Medical Care at The Practice in Bakersfield a Form of Health Insurance?

Enrollment for Covered California begins in November

Q: Is a Pre-Paid Medical Practice, such as The Practice in Bakersfield, a form of Health Insurance?

A: No, Pre-Paid Medicine – also known as Concierge Medicine – is not a type of Health Insurance. It is more like belonging to an exclusive “medical club” where you can get in to see your doctor fast when needed, and he can spend as much time with you as needed for him to help you.

Enrolling in Covered California?

But becoming a member of The Practice can save you hundreds of dollars every month on your health insurance premium. Being a member of The Practice allows your family, or business, to choose from a variety of health insurance policies with higher deductible levels – and with much lower monthly premiums. Then you can take the savings and use some of it for the low monthly Practice Membership fees, and put the rest in your pocket!

And with your membership in The Practice – you will know your doctor and you can keep your doctor!

If you and your family have a health savings account to use for medical care in Bakersfield, the services provided by the doctors at The Practice, a family care office, are perfect for you and your health plan. For just a low monthly fee you can see the doctors at The Practice as often as you need to for a variety of services ranging from Family Care, Primary Care, and even the same levels of services as Urgent Care centers in Bakersfield. Use your health savings account to pay the low monthly fees and manage your family’s medical needs and costs for the entire year.

The Practice - Pre-Paid Medicine in Bakersfield, CA

Are you trying to find a family doctor in Bakersfield who is accepting new patients? Many primary care doctors offices have stopped taking new patients, and so have some pediatricians in Bakersfield. So if you have children who need to see a doctor and you do not just want to go to an urgent care center again and again, what can you do? Call us at The Practice, a family care office that is accepting new patients today. We can get you or your child in fast to see a doctor, and we can provide the same level of services as an urgent care center in Bakersfield. We also offer cash discounts for services.

Listen to Dr. Mensink on the Jaz McKay radio show talk about the importance of getting a flu shot now, to protect yourself and others in Bakersfield.

The Practice - Pre-Paid Medicine in Bakersfield, CA is a concierge medical family practice serving Kern County, offering a great way for businesses and families to save money on their healthcare costs. Are you trying to find a family doctor in Bakersfield who is accepting new patients, that can provide medical care from pediatrics to urgent care services for your family? The Practice is a membership medical office, or direct pay medical office, where you can use your Health Saving Account to its fullest benefit.

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