How Long Am I Contracted with The Practice in Bakersfield, CA?

Or What if I Just Want to Stop Being a Member of The Practice?

Q: What Will Happen if I Get Insurance Through My Work? Or What if I Just Want to Stop Being a Member of The Practice?

A: Of course we would hate to see you leave The Practice, and all of the benefits of being a member. But we understand that sometimes situations change.

So here is how it works if you need to move on from The Practice:

When you joined as a member of The Practice you probably signed up for a Twelve Month Contract. Anytime after your 12 months are past you may call and cancel your membership. All we ask is that you give us a 2 week notice before your billing cycle to make the billing process easier for everyone.

There are no cancellation fees!

There will be some restrictions if you want to join The Practice again, so please just ask the office about those restrictions. And it will always be a benefit for you and your family to keep your membership in The Practice - Bakersfield's Concierge Medical Practice for everyone.

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