Does Membership with My Concierge Doctor Cover Hospital Stays?

Hospitalization, Hospital Bills, and My Concierge Doctor Membership

Q: Is hospitalization covered by my membership at The Practice, Bakersfield's Pre-Paid Membership Medical Office?

A: No, hospitalizations and hospital bills are not covered under your membership at The Practice.

Dr. Mensink has made arrangements with medical specialists who can see you in or out of the hospital at greatly reduced fees. They have medical specialists who can see you either in or out of the hospital for greatly reduced fees. Ask us more about this great benefit to you and your family.

What studies have found is that members of Concierge or Pre-Paid Medical practices such as ours, have “more positive health outcomes” than members of HMOs or PPOs. As a result members of Concierge or Pre-Paid Medical practices such as ours had 56% fewer “non-elective” admissions to hospitals (2010), and 63% fewer “non-avoidable” admissions to hospitals than other people. Are you trying to find a family doctor in Bakersfield who is accepting new patients, that can provide medical care from pediatrics to urgent care services for your family? The Practice is a membership medical office, or direct pay medical office, where you can use your Health Saving Account to its fullest benefit.

This is likely the result of physicians being able to spend more time with their patients, and practicing preventative medicine. And the cost savings from these fewer hospitalizations averaged over $2,500 per patient per year – far more savings than the costs of belonging to a concierge medical practice. This allows some of our employers and patients choose to get a high deductible insurance to cover hospitalization in the unlikely event that it is needed. Further most of these catastrophic hospitalization insurances qualify with the Affordable Care Act and are accepted by the IRS.

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