Do Your Concierge Doctors Look After Pregnancy?

What if I am Pregnant? Can the Doctors at The Practice follow my Pregnancy?

Q: Do You Look After Pregnancy? Are you looking for a doctor in Bakersfield?

A: If you are pregnant – congratulations! We are happy for the new life growing within you. But we think that your pregnancy deserves being monitored by a specialist. So while we will see the pregnant woman for all other healthcare needs, we will refer you to an OB/GYN or other specialist to follow you through your pregnancy, delivery, and recovery from child birth.

We have connections with specialists who can give you the attention and care that you deserve and need during your pregnancy, and during the birth of your beautiful child.

Find your family a concierge doctor in Bakersfield, CA at The Practice – Dr. Jan Mensink M.D., Senior Physician and Concierge Doctor. Are you trying to find a family doctor in Bakersfield who is accepting new patients, that can provide medical care from pediatrics to urgent care services for your family? The Practice is a membership medical office, or direct pay medical office, where you can use your Health Saving Account to its fullest benefit.

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