What is ''Concierge Medicine'' or ''Direct Primary Care''?


When My Doctor is Talking About “Concierge Medicine” or “Direct Primary Care,” What Does He Mean?

In a “Concierge” medical practice there is a relationship formed between the Doctor and his Patients in which the Patients pay an annual fee or “retainer” to the Doctor. In exchange for the retainer, the office Doctors provide enhanced care. Are you looking for a Primary Care doctor near you in Bakersfield who can treat your entire family with quality medical care for a low monthly membership fee?

This is also known as “Boutique Medicine,” “Direct Practice Medicine,” or “Membership Medicine.”

In this model of providing medical care, the “Concierge” Doctors care for fewer patients in their practice, and can spend much more time with each of their Patients, or “Members,” when they need to see their Doctor.

More face to face time with your Doctor can result in better care, improved health, and overall lower healthcare costs.

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