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The Practice "Concierge medicine (also known as 'pre-paid medicine') is a relationship between a patient and a primary care physician in which the patient pays a monthly fee or "retainer" to his medical doctor. This may or may not be in addition to other charges. In exchange for the retainer, the medical doctors provide enhanced care, including principally a commitment to limit patient loads to ensure adequate time and availability for each patient."
- A Definition of "Concierge Medicine"

About "Concierge Medical Care"

You never think about a medical doctor - until you need one.

Going to medical doctors can cost you a lot of money.

A lot of money for each physician's office visit – no matter how brief that visit is.  So we try not to go unless we Really have to, or we Really need to.

But when your child becomes helpless with a high fever.  Or you wife gets too weak and sick to help even herself.  Or you hurt your back and can’t work.  Or you get a painful case of Shingles.  Or there is fear of whatever stuff might happen as we get older.  These things can make us focus on medical doctors – and our need for them – and our fear of BIG doctor bills.

Are you looking for a Primary Care doctor near you in Bakersfield who can treat your entire family with quality medical care for a low monthly membership fee? That's what we do here at The Practice.

But by waiting too long we can make the problem, and the bills get a lot bigger.  You know that some things do get better if we just ignore them, but most things get worse unless we do what is needed to fix the problem – or the illness.

Our government has been no help – no matter what the politicians say.  They keep changing the rules for buying insurance, or for how doctors can run their offices, or for what hospitals have to do to keep their doors open. Today’s healthcare environment is constantly changing and over the past two years has been chaotic.

You know the problems.  You watch the news and read the papers.

Rising healthcare costs are a heavy burden on businesses and families.  And there are shortages of primary care physicians throughout California which can make it hard just to get an appointment with a family care doctor.  And because of recent government requirements on medical doctor offices, doctor’s costs of doing “business” are going up and up, and the amount of paper work that they have to do every day for insurance companies just goes up and up too. It is estimated that up to 60% of the costs to run a medical doctor's office are spent in working with and trying to get paid by insurance companies.

The result of all this: family care doctors have less time treating you, the patient. While you are left to wonder if the doctor throughly understood what your problem is.

The Practice

But Not if You’re Rich.

People with lots of money don’t put up with this.

Imagine if you were wealthy.  Yes, you would live in a nicer neighborhood, drive a nicer car, and you would probably travel the world.  There are a lot of benefits to being wealthy – so I am told.

And one of those benefits is that you never have to wait a week to get an appointment with your doctor – and you never have to wait two hours in a crowded waiting room to see him when you arrive.

Rich people have fast access to their doctors, and they get to spend whatever time with their doctors that they need to stay healthy.


Would you like to be able to provide this kind of security, this “elite” level of access to doctors, to YOUR family?


Would you give your family this level  of medical care -  if you could afford it?

Now…imagine if you had the opportunity to be part of a medical office in the same kind of the way that rich people belong to a County Club.

Imagine being a member at a doctor’s practice that gave you the benefits that once only wealthy people enjoyed.

Imagine a “Concierge Medical Office” or “Membership Medical Practice” that you could join that would provide to you, and your family, with fast access to your doctor when you needed him,  and where your doctor actually treated you with respect and care as if you were the center of his day. Are you trying to find a family doctor in Bakersfield who is accepting new patients, that can provide medical care from pediatrics to urgent care services for your family?

The Practice is a membership medical office, or direct pay medical office, where you can use your Health Saving Account to its fullest benefit.

Yes, you and your family can have this – and you don’t have to be wealthy. 

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