Are There Any Exclusions for Pre-Existing Conditions at The Practice Family Care in Bakersfield?

Can My Pre-Existing Condition Exclude Me From Membership At The Practice?

Q: Do You Have Exclusions for Pre-Existing Conditions at The Practice Primary Care Medical Office in Bakersfield?

A: No, at The Practice we do not exclude for pre-existing conditions.

This could be a great benefit to you and your family! If you or a loved one has a condition that requires a lot of doctor visits for a time, this is an outstanding option for your family. And you will love the personal attention that you receive from our staff and our physicians. Are you trying to find a family doctor in Bakersfield who is accepting new patients, that can provide medical care from pediatrics to urgent care services for your family? The Practice is a membership medical office, or direct pay medical office, where you can use your Health Saving Account to its fullest benefit.

There is one exception to this policy however: our doctors will not take care of anything to do with pregnancy termination. We love life, and seek to be “life giving” and “health giving” as professionals. Individuals seeking this procedure will be lovingly referred out to other physicians in Bakersfield.

The Practice - Pre-Paid Medicine in Bakersfield, CA is a concierge medical family practice providing primary medical care to Kern County, offering a great way for businesses and families to save money on their healthcare costs.

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